Our Vision

Make Winky the educational robot of reference for learning programming and robotics from first grade to high school.

Our Offer

A robot for all school levels

Thanks to a range of programming interfaces, Winky can be easily integrated into the learning of a variety of subjects, throughout all educational cycles
- First to fourth grade
- Fourth to third grade
- From 3rd grade

First to fourth grade

Use of the robot's playful design and emotional side.

With the Winky Code application, children learn to program while having fun, using a simple, intuitive interface in the form of sliding tiles.

Examples of activities: reproduce patterns, perform simple action sequences, discover concepts such as loops, program mini-games such as Hot Potato...

Fourth to third grade

Using the robot's sensors and effectors.
Using a web interface on the Vittascience platform, children learn to program in “block” mode.
A virtual Winky is also available for programming practice.

Examples of activities: introduction to robotics, discovery of a connected object, introduction to wireless networking, learning to program...

From 3rd grade

Use Winky's Python library to exploit all the robot's resources by creating step-by-step programs, from the simplest to the most complex.

Discover this library through notebooks and ready-to-use tutorials.

Within your own Python environment, discover advanced programming notions, using all Winky robot sensors and end-effectors.


Are you a school, teacher, academy, town hall or local authority interested in Winky?